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Spend a night in Mandela’s prison cell – if you have R4.1m to spare

Spend a night in Mandela's prison cell - if you have R4.1m to spare


Spend a night in Mandela’s prison cell – if you have R4.1m to spare

But one discerning top boss with a spare R4.1m will give up creature comforts for a night in the cramped prison cell that was Nelson Mandela‘s home for 18 years.

For rich corporate executives, fine food, expensive wine and five-star hotels come as standard..

The News is according to organizers of the annual CEO sleep-out, an initiative which raises money for various charities.

South Africa’s first democratic, black president was kept on South Africa’s Robben Island prison off Cape Town for much of his 27-year incarceration.

A night in his iconic 8-foot by 7-foot (2.4 metres by 2.1 metres) concrete cell will now be auctioned for charity to mark the centenary of prisoner number 46664’s birthday.  

“The suggestion was to auction the cell to raise money to fund the Prison-to-College Pipeline… educating incarcerated people in South Africa,” said Liane McGowan, spokeswoman for the CEO Sleep-Out South Africa adding that details of when the one night only fundraiser will take place, had not been finalized.

Online bidding started at R3.4m and has already attracted three bids, reaching R4.1m with the sale set to close on July 16.

The winner will spend one night in Mandela’s cell number seven, while up to 66 other bidders will sleep elsewhere in the island prison that is now a museum and World Heritage site.

The Museum’s management could not be reached for comment. The Nelson Mandela foundation said it was not a part of the initiative and could not be responsible for the usage of Mandela’s cell.


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