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DJ Sbu rubbishes claims that he let Prokid down


DJ Sbu rubbishes claims that he let Prokid down

Its been a couple of days since we learned of Prokid’s untimely passing, according to a family statement, Mkhize passed away on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 after suffering a severe seizure whilst visiting friends.

After DJ Sbu paid tribute to ProKid in an interview, a tweet accused him of being a part of the late rapper’s problems.

In response to the tweet, Sbu dismissed the claims by saying, “not true. We had a successful two album contract #DankieSan & #SnakesAndLadders which both parties honoured well. He moved on to start MFE in 2012 & I moved on to start MoFaya.”

A couple of days ago, Sbu honoured Pro with a heartfelt message: “I had the opportunity to work with Linda Mkhize for a few years, he was signed to our label, TS records we made music together, we travelled together. I saw him help his friends, they became business people selling his merchandise. He entertained people and got a lot of people out of poverty by helping them work with him, selling his Dankie San’ brand…what I also loved about Pro was his subject matter. His music was very encouraging.”

Rest In Peace Prokid.

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