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Black Coffee on Ibiza, Israel and the journey to Superstardom


Black Coffee on Ibiza, Israel and the journey to Superstardom

Black Coffee on Ibiza, Israel and the journey to Superstardom

What appears to be a white baby grand piano sits untouched in the corner of the room. The music is really outside. DJ Da Capo is on the decks and about 30 South Africans are vosho-ing and breaking it down to songs such as Masters At Work’s hit, Work.

We’re at a lavish villa that Rihanna apparently stayed in and it has a spectacular view of Es Vedrà. In a few days, we’ll be witnessing DJ Black Coffee take up residency, for the second consecutive year, at a major club called Hï Ibiza.

Like DJ Black Coffee, I too am in Ibiza to work. Flown by Hunter’s cider for a few days of partying in paradise – you know, where the sun only sets around 9pm – I am enjoying the views but I’m also making notes, writing articles and conducting interviews. In short: it’s not quite a vacation.

So I ask the South African DJ and producer, who is now one of the biggest music names in the world, if he ever feels like it’s still work even though it’s in these beautiful conditions. Black Coffee nods emphatically and exclaims: “It is work, it is!

“I’m lucky to have other shows aside from my residency, but it’s been crazy. I think in May, I only have like three free days so that means I get to go somewhere to rehearse for my Saturday residency,” he shares.

“I am always preparing for Saturdays. Weekly, I get to play all these songs and I can’t wait to see how they are going to sound on Saturday and how they will work with the lights and visuals. The thing about my job is that I am very fortunate to do what I really love. I’ve done a 60-hour gig before and I could do this over and over.”

Back at the villa, Black Coffee tells me he has his lens on something else: a streaming site and social network that specifically highlights African music – Gongbox. “I want to launch Gongbox with my album,” he nods. “We’re almost done with the single and I am working on a song with David Guetta. Maybe we’ll do the music video here in Ibiza.”

“That song is going to be on his album and mine. But for my own album, I don’t have a concept or title yet but I have ideas.

“As I’m growing, I am getting out of the space where I am just a house music producer, so I’m going to have songs with different tempos coming in. I want it to be a mix of international and local talent. I’ve worked with Sjava and want to do a beautiful intro with Samthing Soweto.

“I’m doing a song with Una Rams and want to put Burna Boy on it. We all have a different light, talents and strengths,” he says. This next phase of Black Coffee’s life will be about amplifying those.

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